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If you have already passed your driving test but would like some follow up lessons to help you improve your driving skills, build your confidence or save money on your vehicle maintenance, fuel and insurance, why not try on one of our Advanced Driving Lessons in Southampton.

We offer a large range of Advanced Driving Lessons across the whole of the South Coast including in Southampton and all of our instructors are DVSA approved fully qualified Driving Instructors. Take a look at our course options below and get in touch to find out more and get a no obligation quote.

“Please note Lendrums Driving School no longer offer the Porsche Cayman S.”

Benefits of taking Advanced Driving Lessons in Southampton & Portsmouth

Become a safer and more confident driver

Reduce the cost of your car insurance by up to 40%

Reduce your risk of collisions and road traffic accidents

Learn to manage road rage

Understand how to use different types of road

Be confident driving in all weather conditions

Save fuel and reduce wear and tear on your vehicle

The Lessons

Advanced/Defensive Driving Course

This course is ideal for drivers with more than 12 months driving experience who want some extra tuition in order to become less nervous and be safer on the roads. We will give you the ability to drive confidently on a variety of roads including those in busy city centres, country lanes, motorways, suburban and dual carriageways.

During the lesson we will look at speed control, vehicle positioning on the road, hazard awareness, reading the road ahead and how to drive economically. We will also discuss with you how you should adjust your driving to suit different weather conditions.

New Drivers

If you have recently passed your driving test but want a bit of extra guidance to help build your knowledge and skill set further, our New Driver Advanced Driving Course is just right for you. We’ll show you how to drive on motorways and dual carriageways, as well as in urban and rural areas.

Having the confidence to use various different road types safely will help to reduce your chances of being involved in a road traffic accident, thus giving you more confidence and protecting your no-claim insurance bonuses too!

Nervous Drivers

With an ever increasing number of cars on the roads and a multitude of hazards to manage, for some drivers, being in control of a vehicle can be daunting and scary. It may even be something that you avoid doing unless you really have to. This nervousness may be a natural fear, the result of a road traffic accident or perhaps you just haven’t driven for a while and need a refresh. Whatever the reasons, we want to help you to overcome this anxiety with our Nervous Drivers Advanced Driving Course.

We will work with you to address any specific concerns that you have and customise the lesson to help build your confidence in these areas. We’ll also give you some general tips and advice on how to drive more safely and with more assertiveness across a variety of road types.

High Performance Car Driving

Lucky enough to have a high performance car? Let us show you how to use it to its full potential – safely and within the law, whilst also getting lots of enjoyment from your new toy! High performance cars offer lots of power which can be exhilarating and fun, but it’s important to know how to handle this extra energy on public roads to ensure that you, your passengers and other road users are not put at risk.

Furthermore, if you are a bit perplexed by all of the extra controls on the dashboard and steering wheel, we can explain these too.

Van Driver Training

Driving a van or larger vehicle can be very different to driving a standard car. You are typically sat in a higher position, have a longer wheelbase, no rear-view mirror and might be carrying heavier loads.

On our Van Driver Training Course we’ll take you through all of the skills you need in order to be a safe van driver, including spatial awareness, how to use your side mirrors, driving without a rear-view mirror, how to position the vehicle on the road, parking, driving with heavy loads and speed control.

Driving for Work

This course is aimed at those of you whose employer has requested that you take an advanced driving course. Your employer may ask you to complete an advanced driving course for a number of reasons but the most common incentive is that it can reduce insurance premiums for a business and save them money on fuel and vehicle wear and tear.

On the course, we’ll show you how to drive with confidence and in a safe manner on all types of roads including motorways, dual carriageways, country lanes and within busy towns or cities. From speed control and reading the road ahead to vehicle positioning, economic driving and coping with different weather conditions, we’ll give you the skills you need to become a safer and more efficient driver, which will not only benefit the business that you work for, but your own personal driving experience too.

Taxi Training and Assessments in Southampton and Portsmouth

Some local authorities require new taxi drivers to take a taxi driving assessment. We offer Taxi Training and Assessments to all drivers wanting to forge a career in taxi driving.

The Instructors

All of our Advanced Driving Instructors are fully ADI qualified so you can rest assured that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands. With excellent feedback from hundreds of customers, we are proud of our outstanding reputation as a first-class driving school.

The Prices

All of our Advanced Driving Lessons can be taken either as a full or half day course, and cost £250 for a 6 hour course (full day) or £125 for a 3 hour course (half day). Prices for courses leading to the DIAMOND ADVANCED CERTIFICATE or Instructor training please Contact Us

The Locations

We cover a wide range of areas on the South Coast of the UK including Southampton, Bursledon, Fareham, Romsey, Winchester, Salisbury, Andover, Portsmouth.

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