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You have come to the right driving school, who believe in delivering excellent driving lessons, in a safe and calm environment.

Learning to drive should be a fun and enjoyable experience, where you want to come back for more, and recommend us to all your friends. Your Bournemouth driving instructor will be there every step of  your journey, helping you to study for the thoery test, teaching you best practice to have a skill for life, so when you do pass your driving test, you are ready and confident for the freedom of driving, does that sound good to you ? Click contact us now.



How will I know when im ready for the driving test ?

Every learner driver asks this question and while only one in four students actually pass their driving test first time, this guide will help to increase your chances.

First of all you want to practice what we suggest right from your very first lesson and on every lesson, through every skill you learn, because doing so will make you a safe driver and that is the key to getting your driving licence. Also this method will make you a natural driver so when you go into your driving test the pressure is off, because you know exactly what to do and have been performing this since you started.


  1. You have got to be in control of the car at all times
  2. You must be following the Highway Code
  3. Good Hazard analysis, aniticipation and planning
  4. Good attitude, demonstrating confidence and positive restraint

Just think for a moment and see how these 4 steps apply to reversing or driving on a dual carriageway. We appreciate that you may not have driven before, but you can see this makes a whole lot of sense. Now imagine being able to do this on “autopilot” for every single driving skill you need to learn.

The driving examiner is looking for a strong, safe and confident driver, you have to make them feel like they are just a passenger out for a drive with you. Make them feel safe and demonstrate good skills, keep a level head and nerves and there is no reason to Fail. You are not expected to drive like an expert, they understand you are nervous and likely to make errors, hence being allowed minor errors, so show them how good you are, it is your time to shine.

The test really should not be that hard, as you are not turning up to the test to learn something new, or not knowing what your doing, all the hard work and struggles have been dealt with, so technically it should be the easiest day; it is just a test of what you have learnt and the examiner wants to be sure you can take care of yourself once you are driving on your own…so can you? A good test of this is to understand if you have what it takes to get your licence, its all about self assessment.

Be safe and have fun

The aim of Lendrums Driving School Bournemouth, starts right from the first lesson and is two-fold; that you have a positive learning experience which should be enjoyable and that you become a confident and skilled driver. Your driving instructor will prepare you to learn a skill for life aswell as for the test, because we take you above and beyond the bare minimum during your lessons. It is teamwork and we will help make you into a smart driver, capable of skilful driving as well as keeping safe and sound.

There are many driving schools in Bournemouth, and we hope we have convinced you to lear to drive with Lendrums, as we have your best interests at heart, and we want to help you. We are sure you have checked out the glowing reviews, and this should make you want to click and contact us before anyone else.

Due to our popularity we can’t promise driving lessons tomorrow, so when you call us please ask about our availability.

Automatic Driving School in Bournemouth

Today is a very popular time for learner drivers to be taking lessons in an automatic car.  With hybrid and electric cars all being automatic, they are also top quality and so easy to drive, with amazing technology. In the next 10 years the majority of driving lessons will be taken in an automatic car. At Lendrums driving school we love giving automatic driving lessons in Bournemouth , and we are sure you have spotted the cars around the area, plus because of our reputation generally have a waiting list, so if you are interested then please do contact us now.

Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons Salisbury and Andover Lendrums Driving School

3 reasons to learn to drive in an automatic

No Stalling

There is no stalling in a automatic car so you are in control of the car at all times.

Easy Hill Starts

Hill starts are just super easy as there is no clutch. You only need to use the brake to control your speed and then the accelerator to quickly move off. Back to your test, if you are in a manual car and slightly roll backwards then you could fail, but you cant roll backwards in an automatic car, it is impossible, they just don’t do that.

Easy to Control in Traffic

Driving in traffic can be a pain - stop, start, clutch control, and frequently flicking through the gears. However, with an automatic there is none of that, just use the brake or accelerator…and just one foot!

Due to modern technology not only are automatic cars very easy to drive they are also economical, so give us a call to try out our automatic driving lessons in Bournemouth and Christchurch and let us get you through your driving test.

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We pride ourselves in offering flexible driving lessons, in both the manual and automatic vehicles. We look forward to your enquiry.

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