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Driving Lessons Padstow

The journey to getting your driving licence starts here and contacting Lendrums Driving School in Padstow is the best decision you have made today. At Lendrums we have taught thousands of happy customers over the years and our reputation for quality is recognised by the awards we have, so from the initial enquiry, we will help you along every step of your journey.

Driving lessons in Padstow will be with one of our resident driving instructors, who are very friendly and will make your experience enjoyable and fun and their expertise covers every persons requirements, so you are in great hands.

All customers with Lendrums Driving School are given FREE online access to theory training, which will help you practice for your theory test. We use Driving Test Success.

Lendrums Driving School Padstow were voted Best Driving School in the South by Prestige Business Awards and we were finalists in the 2020 Driving School of the Year , finalists in the 2019 Intelligent Instructor Awards and Investors in People, plus being voted Best Driving School for the last 5 years by 3 Best Rated, so click the “Contact us” button above, and start your journey now.​

Driving Lessons Padstow

Why Choose Lendrums Driving School Padstow.....


Driving Lessons in Padstow……….

  • Manual or Automatic driving lessons
  • Refresher lessons and confidence building for qualified drivers
  • Flexible times for driving lessons, with flexible pick up and drop off
  • Relaxed, Friendly and Professional driving instructors
  • Top of the range teaching vehicles with He-Man dual controls
  • Discounts for Students and NHS
  • 1.5 or 2 hour driving lessons
  • Free online theory training with driving test success
  • High Pass rate
  • Award winning driving school
  • Top Reviewed driving school
  • Career change ? Driving instructor training and Advanced driving courses leading to a qualification with Diamond, ROSPA or IAM

Nervous about Driving Lessons in Padstow ?......

At Lendrums driving school Padstow, we have many years of working with a variety of customers and understand many people find taking driving lessons a stressful experience.

Learning to drive in Padstow is an amazing thing to do, opening up your freedom to job prospects or just getting from A to B easier and we help you by finding an approach that works for you, so on your driving lessons in Padstow Nic will know what you need to work on, however will also include you in the decision making to help you set realisitc goals for yourself, ensuring you cover topics you want to improve on, so a very inclusive style of teaching, many times using mind-mapping as a teaching style.

Many people who have come to us have told us they did not get on with their previous instructor from other schools, were shouted at, made to feel stupid or made to feel they could not ask a question, you wont get any of that with Lendrums, we will be here with you every step of the way, plus Nic has a lot of experience in management and as a ski instructor with nervous or people with different learning needs, so don’t be afraid contact us and let us help you.

Never be embarrassed to say you are nervous, once spoken it can be dealt with and teaching adjusted to help you, this will stop the nerves and lead to positive safe driving.


Automatic Driving Lessons Padstow

Automatic driving lessons Padstow

Automatic driving lessons over the last 5 years have become so popular, for every 10 manual driving lessons there are now 7 taking automatic driving lessons in Waterlooville, WHY ?  easy,  there is no clutch, no stalling and no rolling back, taking a very large amount of the stress and anxiety out of learning whilst on our road network. Ever sat at a roundabout or on a hill, worrying that your going to stall or roll back and hold traffic up, sound familiar ? not in an automatic car, you come off the brake, press the gas and away you go, so no hesitation or worry. Many clients have struggled with manual driving and turned to automatic, why do you need stress in your life !!! read our blogpost on automatic v manual driving lessons by clicking this link.

Technology is evolving quicker than the world can spin, plus driving technology is improving hugely. If you went back 20 years automatic cars were not very good, very thirsty on fuel and broke down a lot, however spring forwards to the last 10 years and huge changes have happened.  Many automatic cars are better on fuel than manual cars, they do not breakdown, they are stylish and sleek and the price is comparable, in many cases cheaper to run as many insurance companies charge less for insuring automatic cars, as they are less attractive to thieves.

Read what Sophie one of our clients thought about changing to automatic lessons, after her friends said “learning to drive in an automatic is cheating” , she didn’t think so. Driving is 95% thought based ie ‘thinking’ and only 5% from physical effort, so it doesn’t matter what you drive, the ‘thinking’ is the main part. Click this link.

Electric cars and Hybrid vehicles are all the rage now, you will have seen them on the road and in many cases not really heard them, due to their very quiet engines, with less emissions to damage our precious world and environment. In 15 years these will be the only vehicles available to buy, to help protect our planet and lets face it we are all being green friendly. These vehicles are only available in automatic, so it would seem the time to learn in one. At Lendrums we are lucky to have some of the top cars, including electric and hybrid.

Advanced Driving Lessons Padstow

Did you know that 1 in 5 drivers have a crash within the first year of passing their driving test ? and approximately 3000 get a 6 points and a Ban in the first year, these statistics are scary and can be avoided.

Now you have passed your driving test in Padstow why not take your driving to the next level and take advanced driving lessons in Padstow, learning advanced skills and techniques, raining your awareness and honing your skills to cope with everyday driving, helping reduce the likelihood of a crash. Padstow and Cornwall is such a beautiful place and driving on the national speed roads and country roads is a joy, think how much more fun it would be to know you have the skills.

Benefits of advanced driving lessons in Padstow:

  • Membership to Diamond, ROSPA or IAM
  • Be one of the most skilled drivers in the UK
  • Save money on car insurance
  • Save money on fuel and repairs
  • Become a more skilled and confident driver
  • Accredited and quality checked by the DVSA
  • Reduce the risk of a crash
  • Have a qualification your friends will want

The course is fun and enjoyable, helping you learn the high level skills of advanced driving. You may not own a sports car yet, but it does not mean you cannot learn how to drive your car efficiently, giving your friends and family a professional and smooth drive, which helps keep the car out of the garage, avoiding those expensive repair bills. Your car is your pride and joy, whether it is your first or not, you want to look after it. People think advanced driving is driving like Lewis Hamilton everywhere, but in reality advanced driving is teaching high end handling skills, excellent anticipation and planning skills, excellent early observations and decision making.

We start with a 2 hour driving assessment to give a starting point, making sure we enhance what is good and spend time on the area’s needing work, then sessions will be 1.5 or 2 hours in duration. We use best teaching techniques, remember these are not like learning to drive, this is to help you, therefore we sue mind mapping and other teaching styles to help you analyse your drive and recognise area’s you need to focus on, making you involved. You will learn how to give a commentary similar to Police and a good commentary will lead to an excellent drive. Once you have learnt the skills we will then help you apply for a advanced driving test.

Click the link to read more information, including how to book.

advanced driving lessons Padstow


Unknown RoSPA Gold Award 1

Driving Instructor Franchise Padstow

Are you a driving instructor wanting to change companies ? or struggling to fill your diary ? we have a stressfree and successful franchise for you.

Lendrums Driving School believe in a franchise that works for the driving instructor and not the other way around, at a cost that where you make the money, with no lengthly binding contracts, whilst feeling you are in control and your own boss.

Benefits of a Lendrums Franchise……

  • Voted Best driving school for past 4 years
  • Finalist at The Independent Instructor Awards and Investors in People
  • Affordable weekly franchise
  • 1 month rolling franchise agreement
  • Roofbox franchise (car graphics available at our cost if you want them, not compulsory)
  • FREE training and standards check training
  • ORDIT registered driving school
  • Regular driving instructor socials
  • 2 weeks Franchise free at Christmas and New Year
  • No franchise Fee until we supply you with 10 pupils
  • We work with you to supply work around your requirements

Sound good to you ? call us and arrange a no obligation meeting, make the change to a brighter and busier diary. We will offer you the option to talk to other instructors with Lendrums Driving School, so you dont have to take our word for it.

Driving Instructor Training Padstow

Driving Lessons Padstow - ST Merryn – Harlyn – Wadebridge – Newquay - Bodmin

Driving Schools Padstow

Aswell as offering driving lessons in Padstow, Lendrums driving school also cover ST Merryn, Harlyn, Wadebridge, Newquay & Bodmin.

Padstow is a historic fishing port dating back centuries, steeped in history. This picturesque and stunning place is a buzz of activity all year round, but more so in the summer, where thousands of tourists come to visit and enjoy the dining experiences or take a pleasure boat out on the coast. Padstow is lucky to have a Michelin Star restaurant Steins, run by renowned chef Rick Stein. The old Atlantic railway which has been unused for many years was turned into a cycle path called the Camel Trail as it follows the Camel river between Wadebridge and Padstow.
Taking your driving lessons in Padstow fantastic due to the various road networks, from busy towns and complex junctions to beautiful country national speed roads taking in the scenery as you learn to drive.​

Lendrum's Driving School


Driving Lessons Padstow will be flexible around your schedule, with flexible pick up & drop off’s, helping to save time. The driving instructor’s are Fun, friendly and professional. Lendrums driving school in Padstow offer all customers FREE theory training, which has led to a 95% first time pass at the theory test. NHS & Student discounts are available. Call or email today for more information and start your journey to getting your driving licence.


Our Accreditations

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Gift Vouchers Available

We offer Gift Vouchers for all our lesson types. For more information and to purchase, get in touch!