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Lendrums Driving School has been established since 2010 and has successfully helped 100’s of Learner Drivers, achieve their ambition, of driving a car and passing their test. Check out the reviews on this page to see for yourself. We are committed to providing top quality driving lesson and teaching you  a Skill for Life, and therefore help you become a confident driver who is able to handle all manner of situations, not just “To Pass a Test”, as you will be driving around many roads in Plymouth, many of which you won’t know, and it is that true driving experience we will help you with, so you feel ready to drive on your own.

Our team of dedicated Driving Instructor’s who teach both Manual and Automatic driving lessons in Plymouth, will take you through the first steps and gradually help you to drive independently.

All our driving lessons are taken in tuition vehicles which are top of the range and fitted with Dual Controls.

Many people ask “How long will it take me to pass my test ?” and many schools will tell you, it won’t take long, however it is very dependent on YOU the client. Some people take longer than others, some learn quicker than others, however we promise you that ur driving instructor’s will work at a pace that suits you the individual, as that’s what learning is about, individuality, therefore saving you money and time.

Our driving instructor’s will guide you through your theory and assist where necessary, so you won’t feel on your own, as they all know what you are going through.

Learning to drive is exciting and a life skill, so let the professionals teach you.

Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons Salisbury and Andover Lendrums Driving School

Automatic Driving Lessons in Plymouth

The production and sales of automatic cars in the UK is increasing year on year and with the advent of cool cars such as the Tesla electric car and hybrid cars you will probably be driving an automatic car in the near future.

Benefits of Driving Automatic Cars

A few years ago automatic driving lessons were considered by many to only be for older people.  It is an awful stereotype, but gladly one that has disappeared, and as we see more and more cars on the roads of the UK, and with pressures to get places quicker, increased traffic in cities, less patience on the road, increase in green energy so electric vehicles, plus charges for diesel vehicles in some cities, automatic driving will be more attractive. Automatic cars are such high quality, excellent performance, fuel efficient, readily available around the world and unlike many years ago are now affordable.

Driving is Driving and the main thing you need whether automatic or manual is Thinking.

Just how many fantastic cars do you see that are automatic?…loads of them, and it is not just the super cars either, automatic cars are at the cutting edge of technology and, you know what, they made driving easier and more enjoyable.

Less stressful

No stalling

No dropping backwards on a hill start

No changing gear

Just 2 pedals

Join Roundabouts and Main roads easier

Take junctions slower

More time to focus on your surroundings and approaches

You can add more and more to this list to include not just safety features but also the added comfort you get when driving. You are going to have to pick the phone up quick though, as availability is the main issue due to these lessons being so popular. Contact us NOW!!!

4 Simple Steps

When you take driving lessons with us we are going to max out your time with the following learning to drive formula:

  • You are going to learn to be in control of the car for the skill you are learning.
  • You will master everything you need to know in the Highway code for that skill.
  • You will know how to spot hazards and have the ability to change your driving to eliminate or avoid the hazard.
  • You are going to have a safe attitude

It is these 4 elements which we are going to get into your thinking. For sure you will be able to sail through the driving test when you can manage all 4 by your own, but more importantly than that, you are going to vastly reduce your chances of being in an accident.
What The Examiners Say

We have conducted thousands of driving tests and we speak to driving examiners every day, so we can get the best and the most up to date training methods. We have sat in on tests, watched people pass, watched people fail and then discussed the tests with the examiners after.

This led us into taking a different approach when teaching you how to drive and all examiners agree that if you want to be a safe driver and if you want to pass first time, our four step approach is what you need to do on every driving lesson.

After taking the feedback from examiners and employing these tactics we have seen a sharper rise in safer driving than by just following the standard approach to driver training. Our team of driving instructors in Plymouth will get you into this 4 step groove, so by the time you take your driving test you are actually a better driver than the driving test requires and everything comes naturally to you.

Female Driving Instructors in Plymouth

“Polite Notice”, we need to inform you that our female driving instructors in Plymouth are very, very popular and therefore you need to phone to check availability.

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Plymouth is an amazing city, and what better way to see it than on a driving lesson with one of our professionals. Your in good hands so get in touch today, just click the link.

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