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We are a well established Driving School providing fun and informative driving lessons across the South Coast since 2010. We want you to enjoy learning how to drive and to build skills that give you the confidence and freedom to drive safely for many years to come. We pride ourselves on excellent feedback from past students and have a fantastic pass rate.

Our Portsmouth driving lessons are designed to give you the skills and experience you need to pass your driving test with confidence. There are so many driving schools out there to choose from, but our excellent pass rate and abundance of happy students stand us out from the rest. A lot of our new students come to us through recommendations from their friends who have enjoyed our driving lessons and achieved success.

5 Star Rated Driving School

We love getting good feedback from our students and we are very proud to have a five star rating on Freeindex. Here are a some examples of what they had to say about us…

A massive thank you to my instructor Nicole she was amazing! I passed my test with only 2 minors and she made me feel confident in driving providing effective teaching skills even if I thought something was impossible!

I've been doing lessons since January and today I passed first time with two minors! My instructor was John Lendrum and he was brilliant! He has a great way of teaching you how to drive, he's calm and always has a basic and simple way of explaining how to do something that you're having trouble with!

Portsmouth Driving Instructors

Our friendly and experienced Portsmouth driving instructors are very patient and provide flexible teaching methods that they can adapt to suit your individual learning style at each driving lesson. Whether you are completely new to driving or have had several failed attempts in the past, we have the knowledge and understanding to help you pass your driving test and enjoy learning to drive.

Driving in and around Portsmouth & Southsea

The Portsmouth and Southsea area is a wonderful place to learn how to drive. Quiet residential streets and large open roads along Southsea sea front are perfect for learning the basics and fundamental manoeuvers. Don’t get too distracted by the Spinnaker Tower, WW2 Soldier Memorial or wonderful views over the Solent whilst you’re driving though! Then, once you have the skills and confidence, drive into Portsmouth city’s narrow streets for lots of great urban driving practice. Navigate your way past the eclectic shops and artisan cafes of Albert Road or take on the speed humps along Fawcett Road.

Make your way around the busy A3 interchange by the Portsmouth University Student Union for some roundabout and traffic light experience, before taking in a bit of culture down the quaint roads of Old Portsmouth. Or why not head out of town to Portsdown Hill to practice your hill starts! Whatever the driving skills you need to learn or build on, there are plenty of places to go in and around Portsmouth and Southsea to keep your driving lessons interesting and most importantly of all, fun!

Female Driving Lessons in Portsmouth

Everyone learns in different ways and we strive to cater for all of our students’ individual needs on each driving lesson, to make sure your time and experience learning to drive is as positive and productive as possible. Being relaxed and at ease whilst learning to drive will help you to pass your test in good time and you’re more likely to develop good quality driving skills that you’ll carry with you throughout your time behind the wheel.

Making sure you are happy with your choice of driving instructor is so important to successfully passing your driving test and there are many reasons why some students feel more comfortable learning with a female driving instructor, so we want to give you the opportunity to have a female driving instructor if that is your preference.

The Female Driving Instructor directory reports that only 15% of the 30,000 driving instructors on the DVSA register are female, so female driving instructor’s can be hard to find. However, we’re delighted to have fantastic female driving instructors as part of our driving school in Portsmouth who you can learn to drive with.

Meet our Female Driving Instructor

Nicole Driving Instructor Southampton LendrumsNicole is our Portsmouth driving instructor. Nicole is very friendly and super patient with her driving students. Whether you are completely new to driving or have been struggling to pass your driving test, Nicole can help. With excellent instruction tips for manoeuvres and a cool, calm manner, Nicole will give you the confidence you need to not only pass your test, but enjoy driving too.

“Passed my test with Nicole after 2 failed attempts with different driving schools. She was patient, helpful and friendly, everything you want when learning to drive. She provided me with great reference points for manoeuvres and helped me to feel confident about driving. Cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Automatic Driving Lessons Portsmouth

Automatic Intensive Driving Lessons Andover Lendrums Driving School

Our automatic driving lessons in Portsmouth are becoming more and more popular as automatic cars become more advanced, efficient and fun to drive. Automatic cars also make learning to drive much easier. By not having to think about changing gears manually, driving an automatic car is much more straightforward than a manual one. This simplicity also allows you to place more of your focus and concentration on monitoring the road, making manoeuvers in a controlled manner and safe positioning of your car.

If you want to learn how to drive an automatic car on Portsmouth and Southsea roads, we have some great automatic driving lesson packages to suit everyone. Just contact us to find out more.

Lendrum's Driving School


Our driving lessons in Portsmouth and Southsea offer great value for money. We can tailor a package to suit your needs and experience and can offer discounted rates for block bookings. All of our driving lessons include the use of high quality cars, a local pickup, friendly driving instruction, insurance and driving theory test tuition.



Passing your driving test first time requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. You will learn many skills along the journey through from total beginner to a fully qualified driver, and the driving team will help find ways that suit your learning style.

Some people have access to another car, and are able to get private practice with Parents, this is really helpful, as it allows you to practice what you’re learning between driving lessons, and generally means most people take less time to pass.  If your reading this and thinking “I don’t have access to another car” or “I can’t afford to drive another car”, do not worry it may just take a little more time.


Learning to Drive is an investment and can be quite expensive, however we at Lendrum’s Driving School understand this, and have options that will help your budget. We offer Student Discounts, so will hopefully be able to meet your budgetary needs.

We offer a flexible approach and offer 1.5 and 2 hour lessons or more intensive learning is available. With our help you can plan and budget your lessons.


On your first driving lesson, your driving instructor will check your provisional licence and ask you to do an eyesight test, so you will be asked to read a number plate from a distance. The Driving Instructor will drive you to a quiet area or area suitable to your level.

The instructor will explain what you are going to do, and If you are a total beginner they will start with explaining about all the basics. Do not worry yourself in thinking “How am I going to remember everything” as there is a lot of information, and the instructor will repeat as necessary and it will all get clearer and easier to remember as you go on the journey, and don’t feel afraid to ask questions.

If you have had some driving experience the instructor will have asked questions on the way to the training area, and depending what you have told them, they may get you to do a short drive for them to build an idea of your ability, and then they will have an action plan ready.


Every person who learns to drive wants to pass as soon as they can, and in the shortest time possible. There are many driving schools who promise they can get you through, and then only to find out later that you fail your test because you were not ready.

Learning to drive is a very individual process, and everyone learns at a different pace. At Lendrums Driving School we will keep you informed and when you’re ready we will tell you and help you book your test. We won’t keep you hanging on for test however if you’re not ready we will be honest, because the test costs £62 and then 2 hours of the time for the car hire, so potentially over £100, which is a lot of money to waste.

You will know when you’re ready because the driving instructor will have very little input into your driving and you will be able to do everything your asked without help. Each instructor will generally conduct a Mock Driving Test closer to your test to assess your ability, and this will highlight any specific areas requiring attention.


The sooner you get started studying for the Theory/Hazard Perception test the better. A lot of people put it off and leave it to a few months into their learning, only to find that they are getting close to being ready for the practical test, but have to pass the theory test first. There can be a waiting time of a month to book a theory test and also you may not pass first time.

With Guidance and help from your instructor we will offer you FREE online theory access to training for your test. This knowledge is also used on your driving lessons so makes you more knowledgeable and closer to test.


On the day of your driving test you will have a lesson the hour prior to the test.

You will arrive about 10 minutes before so you can relax.

The driving examiners are the same as everyone else, they have done the driving test and have continual tests throughout their career, and are on your side, they want to give you good news, remember they only mark you on what you show them.

The driving examiner will ask to see your provisional licence. They will ask you if you would like to have your instructor in the car, this is YOUR choice.

The examiner will ask you to read a number plate to check your eyesight of 20 metres, before asking you 2 of questions from the show/tell list.

The driving test lasts between 35-45 minutes and goes on many different roads, so you can demonstrate what you have been learning, 1 reverse exercise, 20 minutes of independent driving and possibly the emergency stop

Once you return to the test centre the examiner will give you your result.

6/10 People Fail their first driving test (43% first time pass in the UK).

Below are the top ten reasons why people fail the driving test.

  1. Observation at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement
  2. Reverse parking – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
  3. Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on the information
  4. Moving away – ineffective observation or control when moving away
  5. Use of signals – not given, not cancelled or misleading signals
  6. Incorrect positioning – at roundabouts, lanes and bends
  7. Reversing around a corner – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
  8. Lack of steering control – steering too early or leaving it too late
  9. Turn round in road – ineffective observation or lack of accuracy
  10. Inappropriate speed – travelling too slowly

Our Accreditations

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Gift Vouchers Available

We offer Gift Vouchers for all our lesson types. For more information and to purchase, get in touch!