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We pride ourselves on receiving brilliant feedback from all of our students. Take a look below for a few of our favourites or visit our FreeIndex page to read more.

Lendrum's Driving student passing test


Sarah, Eastleigh (September 2015) I was a very nervous driver Lendrums driving school helped me over come my fears by using driving and mental exercise's that improved my confidence and skills. John Lendrum was extremely patient and hard working with me. I found it easier driving an automatic car ,yet also had the support if wanting to use a manual. I highly recommend Lendrums driving school to any new driver. And as a plus you get to drive one of John's fabulous Mini's. Thank you Lendrums for helping me overcome my fears and achieve my dream of driving I can't thank you enough!!

Ellie, Southampton (August 2015) I've just passed my driving test first time with John and cannot thank him enough for everything! He was always so patient with me, spending as much time with me as I needed to help build my confidence ready for my test. My lessons were always enjoyable and John has a great sense of humour! Cannot thank or recommend Lendrums enough!

Sam, Southampton (August 2015) 5 star all round. My instructor Craig was clear in his instructions, patient and, ultimately, helped me towards passing first time. He was always punctual, flexible and professional. I have no reservations in giving a 5 star review to both Craig and Lendrums Driving School.

Lokesh, Winchester (August 2015) I passed my driving test on the very first attempt and Phil played a pivotal role in making that happen. He showed a huge amount of patience right from the beginning to the very end, especially when I was learning the different manoeuvres and techniques even when I made basic mistakes. I grew from strength to strength and there was a noticeable improvement in my general driving but I realized that I needed to focus on certain areas. On mentioning this to Phil, he took the time to ensure we concentrated on improving those areas and as a result, my driving became better all round and my confidence increased. I highly recommend Phil George for first time learner drivers.

Lendrums Driving student passing test


Warren, Southampton (August 2015) I had steve as my instroctor he was amazing helped me out so much to get me through my driving test, worked just to fit me in, totally recommend lendrums driving school but ask for steve he's a legend and will help you, show you easy ways of doing manovers, thanks steve your a fantastic man.

Samantha, Southampton (July 2015) I learned to drive with Andy. I would 100% recommend learning to drive with lendrums. From the very first lesson Andy was friendly, easy to talk to and very patient which I needed. I was very nervous to begin with but Andy helped me improve and build my confidence as well as pushing me when needed. Well worth all the hours of learning.

Paul, Southampton (July 2015) I had Craig, as my excellent instructor. He was friendly, courteous, patience, excellent timekeeper and very understanding (could not Fault). Passed my driving exam with flying colours. Craig made it, such an ease for me. I will be recommending Lendrums Driving School to all my friends and family. This company offer's a fantastic service with exceptional value for money.

Robert, Eastleigh (June 2015) Nevin was an exceptional driving instructor as she has helped me pass my driving test first time. I would recommend Nevin as she is very reliable, patient, and excellent instructor. Nevin was very punctual as she was always on time and she adviced me on any questions I had, she would always be able to answer competently.

Tom, Southampton (June 2015) After learning to drive with John for a while he got me through the test and was confident In me throughout, John was very comfortable to learn with, he explains everything and is very patient, very good quality lessons at affordable prices!

Lendrums Driving School Student Passes Test


Marika, Southampton (May 2015) Thanks you Steve for keeping up with my tantrums. Passed first time!!!! Have had a few instructors in the past, Steve was the best by a mile. Teaches the real driving in a relaxed environment. Great fun too. Steve, I am coming back for Pass Plus.

Rebecca, Southampton (May 2015) Learnt to drive with John after an unsuccessful lesson with a driving instructor from a large driving school and I am so glad I went to Lendrums driving school. John is an excellent friendly and patient driving instructor, he helped me gain the skills and confidence needed to pass my test. I also did my pass plus with John which was very useful and I would reccomend Lendrums driving school 100%.

Tom, Southampton (April 2015) Great teacher, went with Steve and managed to pass my test very quickly. Excellent calm teaching skills and a very nice manner about him. Redreshing to find a company and a teacher that doesn't want your money.
Will be recommending to friends and family.

Tiffany, Southampton (March 2015) I highly recommend going with Lendrums driving school! John has been so amazing and has really helped and supported me throughout all my lessons with him raising my confidence further. John fully explained through absolutely everything and always made driving fun leaving me in fits of giggles most of the time! Definitely go with Lendrums; it's so worth it.


Lendrums Driving School | Review | Testimonial

Matt (October 2014) - Recently passed my test with John really friendly and a great experience :).

Simon Gittens (October 2014) -I can honestly say Lendrums is the best value for money driving school in Southampton. My instuctor was Steve who was absolutely superb. Steve's Assessment and Instruction of my driving from the first lesson was spot on and I fully endorse him and the company. They are flexible to the needs of each student and take great care and consideration for each learners needs. Nothing is rushed and each student can work at their own pace. I started learning at the end of July and Passed my test today. So Thank you Steve and thank you Lendrums for helping me make such a great achievement. I will be recommending you to everyone.

Nima Ahmadi (October 2014) - Got recommended Lendrum by a friend at work and easily found it to be the most friendly, professional and experienced service. My instructor is called John and besides being a great teacher, having tons of patience and walking me through all the steps in learning he's easy to talk to and there's no awkward silences which most of my friends have experienced with different driving schools. Give them a shot and you'll understand!

Tanu Doon (October 2014) - Excellent driving school. Wonderful instructor aka Steve. He trained me very well that I passed my test in first chance. I will strongly recommend for this driving school.

Michael Nathan (October 2014) - Very pleased with Lendrum's excellent instructor aka steve I would recommend everyone to use this company very reliable plus I passed first time great instructor.

Eleanor Ashley (October 2014) - Lendrums Driving School have been fantastic for me having no experience and no confidence. Easy to fit lessons around a busy schedule and at a good price. A big thank you to John for helping me pass!!

Scott Sumner (September 2014) - I was let down by my driving instructor very close to my test and Steve was recommended to me by a friend and on contacting him, he was very helpful and had the availability to accommodate time for practice and my test at very short notice. Steve was very patient whilst I got used to a much different car than I was used to, however it was a very easy car to drive (Ford Fiesta). The only reason I have marked a 4 on quality is due to the difference in driving instructors methods, I had to adjust to a new method with manoeuvres due to teaching style and that is no criticism of Steve and I would note that Steve was very patient and able to explain clearly what needed to be done. I would like to thank Steve for stepping in at the last minute.

Sam Shaw (september 2014) - Started from scratch with Steve as my instructor last September, explained everything from beginning to end and most importantly didnt ever lose his patience! Passed my test in June after 2 attempts put down to my nerves, but Steve always kept lightly pushing me which gave me the courage to pass. Thank you to Lendrums, highly recommend.

Bradley Taylor - I would highly recommend ledrums driving school, always flexible to when you're available, I've gotta sat John is an absolute brilliant driving instructor, he taught my sister and me and I couldn't of asked for a better instructor.

Sophie Johnson 5 Sept 2014 - Absolutely excellent. I had failed my test 4 times previously so was lacking In a lot of confidence when driving. Steve was brilliant he re-assured and was patient with me when I was almost out of Hope. I passed my test first time and cannot be grateful enough!!! I would absolutely re commend!!

Bruce Taylor 4 Sept 2014 - A friend of mine, Steve is one of Lendrum's instructors. I've had my licence for 20 years and have picked up a number of shocking bad habits as we all do. I drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes for a living. What Steve did for me, was out of the kindness of his heart was to take my driving right back to basics and we dealt with the issues that were there and as a result, I'm a safer and more controlled person behind the wheel. I can't thank Steve enough for what he did for me. You are never too old to be re-educated with regard to your driving.

Marian Sexton - Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank-you to John for having the patience to get me through my test! It's not easy getting behind the wheel for the first time at 33 and he's put up with a year of tantrums, tears, swearing and hissy fits. I honestly never thought I'd be able to learn to drive, I have zero co-ordination and the temperament of an angry toddler who's had their sweets taken from them (and that's on a good day).

Lendrums Driving School | Review | Testimonial

It's been an interesting journey and I'm pleased to say I am now a (mostly) calm and competent driver. That's absolutely down to John, I really don't think I'd have been able to learn with anybody else (they'd have given up on me within 5 minutes). Thank-you so much for helping me achieve my independence and to escape having to commute to work on the trains M x

Lauren Pink - Thank you John! Really enjoyed learning to drive with you, very patient and funny, looking forward to motorway driving and driving my cleo

Kirsty Rishton - Southampton 19 Aug 2014 I would highly recommend Lendrums Driving School to anyone looking to learn. John is a fantastic instructor and will bring out the best in any potential driver. They are brilliant value for money and its a genuine pleasure having John as an instructor. I am very happy to have passed my test, but will miss having a joke or two with him on the road. Thank you John, I couldn't have done it without you.

Aashish Doon - Southampton 10 Jul 2014 John is an amazing driving instructor. I'd like to thank him for his help and support in getting me ready and confident enough to pass my driving test. Since I had been driving in India for last 5-6 years, it was difficult for me to adapt to driving standards in the UK. I must admit that I was really awful when I started but there has been an exponential increase in my driving skills.

RT @RJmoir: Had my first lesson with @LendrumsDriving yesterday. Lesson was clear, confident and I highly recommended lendrums over the big...
Fri Apr 25 18:04:18 2014

Great driving school with qualified instructors who are easy to get along with and they work very hard to help their students to achieve and improve driving skills. The lessons are in optimum price and the ability to communicate and arrange lessons with the instructor is easy. Overall recommended school for anyone who wishes to start learning driving or to brush up their skills. 27-06-14

Sergei Marciuk - Thank you to Steve for being a very helpful driving instructor,Steve has been always helpful and easily understood and his teaching is excellent I would recommend Steve and Lendrum's Driving School #Lendrumsdriving any day of the week to anyone wishing to start learning to drive or to improve drving skills.

Brad - Well done to me. Thanks John

Essa Alsolami - Southampton 15 Jun 2014 - I would recommended anyone who looking for taking practice test to do it with John. The money is affordable per hour and quality as well.


 Dominic Porter - Plymouth 7 Jun 2014 - The care and dedication I have received during my learning with Lendrum's Driving School has been fantastic. The technical skills I have been given and the competence that John has helped me develop resulted in a great pass with only 2 minor faults. I had so much confidence going into my test, thanks to the quality of training and the patience and commitment of Lendrum's Driving School!

Andy Young - Southampton 24 Apr 2014 - Despite being an extremely nervous learner, John completely turned that around with his calm and clear instructions and amusing sense of humour. If, like me, you're nervous about the prospect of learning to drive, then Lendrum's Driving School is unquestionably the place to go!! You'll be full of confidence in no time.

Megan O'Brien - Thanks John for your fantastic instruction from start to finish! I am so happy to have passed within exactly 4 months of turning 17! Many thanks, Megan

Martin – I began driving lessons with Steve after 6 months out, and I was immediately put at ease. Steve has to be the calmest man I have met in some time, and this nature is immediately passed on to his students. He allowed me to relax completely and I suddenly had much more confidence behind the wheel. Steve showed me all aspects of driving and gave me a huge range of experiences for real driving. Each lesson was a genuine pleasure, and I couldn't ask for a better instructor. I could see how much he cared about my progress from the joy he showed when I passed my test. I can't recommend him enough. Thanks Steve!

Hank – First time, was so nervous as have an American licence, but with a patient but fun learning experience it was a walk through, cheers John

Jake – Whoop Whoop that licence is all mine thanks mate you really are great

Robert Targ – Thanks John I did it first time and no minors

Ashley Mascarenhas - thanks a lot john great teacher

Prisca Mascarenhas - Thank you John for your excellent teaching for both Ashley and Yasmin Mascarenhas

Alex Jones - cheers mate, well please can't thank you more

Adam Poynter – I was very nervous when I started. But John really made it easy to learn and was calm and friendly, with his help have achieved something special.

Peter Crampton-Barden - Thankyou very John for all your help! I PASSED! I owe you a pint see you soon! LOVE YA! 

  Lendrums Driving School | Review | Testimonial   

Alex Kellett - Cheers john, it's great to finally have my independence, specially being the first in my year! Thanks for getting me through it quickly, even thinking of getting a mini for my next car now.

Eva Palmer - Thanks a lot John, so glad I've passed, couldn't of done it without you! Would definitely recommend 

Lucy Hodgess - Thanks for everything john! It's so amazing being able to drive my car by myself!

Kerri Gourley - Thank you for all your help John, really appreciate it I couldn't of done it without you!

Louisa Kent - I am so grateful to John for helping me through this being such a nervous driver. I have had so many lessons before but my nerves always got the better of me. John never let me give up and always believed in me. I am so grateful. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would pass 1st time. I really couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thank you so much and I am quite sad my lessons are over!

Jennifer Dozer - John was a great instructor. He helped clean up my driving for my driving test, considering I've driven on the "wrong" side of the road all my life! He will nag when he needs to, and it is all in great fun! And the nagging does seem to help keep the little things keep doing wrong happening! He is patient and funny. I would highly recommend him for anyone learning or needing to clean up their driving! I passed with only 4 minor marks; So, John did a great job of cleaning up my driving! Thanks John! 

Lewis – Thanks Steve you're a legend, thank you so much for all your efforts

Jack Protheroe - cheers John been an absolute legend!!!

Rachel Rutherford – Thank you so much John for being supportive and a great instructor. May 15, 2013

Sumir – John you were great and im so happy I passed, you're the best 9/4/2013

Rebecca Ellis - Thanks John for helping me! I look forward to finally being able to drive!! May 8, 2013

Jasmin White - Thanks john for helping me pass my test I will be recommending you to all my friends. Thank you March 24, 2013

Hammad Syed - your gut feeling gets you there! It did in my case. Lol February 28, 2013

Alfred Durmisi - what a great instructor John is ! October 13, 2012

Alan Walsh - John was great. I failed three times before starting with John and within only a few lessons he made me confident and ready for the test. I'd highly recommend him. October 5, 2012

Jay Nuggs - Yay it's meeeeee!! Massive thank you to John... 12 lessons later and I'm confidently on the road on my own!! Even reversed my little micra with no problems at all!! No sign of my nerves now... Thank you so much John... Would recommend you to any one!! October 2, 2012

Conor McMurtry - Could have taken a better photo John... Anyway, thanks for the help and guidance - did a fantastic job! So to anybody reading this, you've found a top-notch instructor here; great guy too. Keep well August 27, 2012

Amanda Johnson - Big Thanks to John for believing in me! I couldn't of done it without you! now... where's the champagne?? - July 30, 2012

Steve Lansley - The result of a Great ORDIT Trainer

Jade Lehuray - Thank you so much John, would not have been able to do it with your help and encouragement.. - June 11, 2012

Ed Howell - Thanks for all your help John! - June 6, 2012

Lilou Fs - WOUHOU ! I passed - May 14, 2012

Megan Griggs - Thank you John for all your help..an excellent instructor - April 23, 2012

Kat B Newport - 28 Nov 2012 John taught me to drive and last week I passed my test. I feel that John has the positivity and empowering attitude to enable anyone who wants to learn to drive. I would sincerely recommend asking John to teach you to drive as his ability to ork with nervous learned is exemplary. Thankyou John !

Cecile Rouquette - Southampton 30 Aug 2012 - Just want to let you know that....John is a great instructor : very patient, always encouraging and very supportive. He is really easy to get along with and goes at a pace that you are comfortable with. I recommend anyone to take lessons with him if your looking for someone who can get you on the road and have a laugh on the way. He knows how to make every lesson enjoyable and not stressful.

Marcus C - Southampton 29 Jun 2010 - My instructor was great to learn with, explaining manoeuvres clearly and concisely, and checking my understanding with challenging questions every so often. They were also very convenient with appointments, happily picking me up from campus or home on separate occasions. I would recommend Lendrum's Driving School to anyone. :)

Abigail Hamer - Southampton 24 Jun 2010 Booking lessons has been convenient and also flexible depending on your schedule, which is great.I was a bit apprehensive about beginning driving but my instructor has been really good at explaining processes in a clear and concise way. My instructor has also provided me with a variety of driving experiences and has challenged me, asking relevent and thought provoking questions.I also feel that my instructor understands my way of thinking and adapts lessons to suit my individual learning. It has really helped me to build my confidence, allowing me to take more ownership of my driving.I am very grateful for the excellent tuition I have had and would definately recommend Lendrums Driving School!


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