6 Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

By John Lendrum - December 2nd, 2020 | Posted in Article, Education

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, by now you’re already aware of all the hazards that come along with being on your motorbike. Beyond the thrill of it all, there’s that extra need to be super cautious as you go on the highway. Unlike being in a four-wheeled vehicle, you’re in one that needs you to have that extra balance. Motorcycle accidents are very common. But, with a little awareness of its causes, you can be more prudent as you drive with that extra effort on your part to try and avoid the onset of these causes.

This article enumerates some of the most common causes for you, in the hopes that this can help keep you drive more safely while on the road.

  1. Cars Make Left-Hand Turns

In a collision between a car and a motorcycle, one of the most common causes of this kind of accident is when cars make left-hand turns.

In this situation, the car hits the motorcycle when the latter is doing the following:

  • Trying to overtake the car;
  • Going straight through an intersection, without even stopping to look;
  • Passing the car.

Because of the motorcycle’s smaller size, this makes it less visible from the car’s angle. Especially if the motorcycle was speeding, this can turn out to be a very serious injury and potentially fatal accident.

  1. Inexperienced Drivers

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is inexperience. In most cases, it’s also because of irresponsible or untrained motorcycle riders. If a rider doesn’t know the proper procedures for safe riding, his safety is at risk. Ideally, a good motorcycle rider should spend several hours each week in formal training.

Motorcycle riding requires the rider to be in control of the vehicle and keep a proper following distance between himself and the vehicle behind him. Unfortunately, many inexperienced motorcycle riders begin riding motorcycles recklessly on the open road without learning the rules of the game.

  1. Unsafe Lane Changes

Unsafe lane changes or swerving is also one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. There are many instances when a speeding motorcycle will try to deliberately change lanes without any regard at all to the vehicles surrounding them.

Accidents happen if:

  • The driver failed to check the blind spot;
  • The driver didn’t use their signal light upon changing lanes.
  1. Speeding

Despite the presence of speed limits and regulations in place, some drivers will still deliberately refuse to obey these limits. Some do it because of the thrill of speeding in a motorcycle while there are also those that do this because they’re under the influence of alcohol.

Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned one, please don’t disregard traffic speeding rules. These are put in place for a reason and it’s your duty to obey them. Beyond the penalty you’re going to get because of disregarding these rules, think of the possible serious injuries you may obtain or cause others.

  1. Sudden Opening Of Car Doors

There’s very good reason why you should never alight your car in a rush, especially if you’re parked by a road where other motorists still pass through. You may accidentally hit a speeding motorcycle that was also unprepared for you to open the door so suddenly.

If the motorcycle hits your door, not only can the impact be very dangerous to the motorcycle, but to you as well. If the motorcycle was running so fast and they suddenly press their brakes, this can also send the motorcycle driver on an abrupt halt that might cause them to literally fly. When this happens, they may even be further hit by other vehicles on the lane they land on.

  1. Intoxication

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is not an unfamiliar offense. Especially on the weekends, you can be sure that there are so many vehicle drivers, both for four-wheeled cars and motorcycles, that can commit this.

If you’ve been drinking, please don’t drive. If you can’t even walk and see things properly, then don’t think that you can be safely on the road. You’re only a nuisance to other drivers, especially to those on their motorcycles.


Now that you’re aware of these common causes of motorcycle accidents, the hope is that you’ll be more cautious whenever you’re on the road. Never compromise your life and safety, just for that temporary thrill. Remember that once you’re on the road, you’re already exposing yourself to the possibility of an accident. All the more that this chance is higher when you’re in a relatively unstable two-wheel vehicle, your motorcycle.


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