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How long have you been thinking about driving for?

Each day goes by that you have been thinking of learning to drive, is a day too long. Give us a call today and we can discuss best driving lessons and options for you in Locks Heath and Fareham, plus we are flexible in where we collect you from and we will do our utmost to be flexible around your life and available times. Don’t delay, pick up the phone or email us today to stop waiting by contacting Lendrums Driving School.

We know a few things about you already…

we know you want quality, and want to learn to drive taking driving lessons with us, as your looking at our amazing website. We know that you would love to train in a nice vehicle, with a great instructor who is going to help you achieve your ambition of that driving licence, and we know you want to learn with a friendly and professional instructor in a calm and relaxed environment, are we wrong ?

We understand financial constraints, and will aim to help you through at the pace your able to learn, we will not hold you back if your ready to progress, which in turn will save you money. If you continue the learning outside of lessons, doing some useful revision and reflection on your driving, this can save you a lot of time also.

Area’s we cover driving lessons in and around Locks Heath & Fareham?

We cover some of the following area’s, including pick up and drop off’s for those at college, as we can take you for driving lessons in your study breaks., or we can pick up from a place of work and finish at your home, we try to be as flexible as possible.

  • Swanwick
  • Sarisbury Green
  • Warsash
  • Locks Heath
  • Whiteley
  • Catisfield
  • Titchfield
  • Fareham College
  • Fareham
  • Lee-on-the-Solent

The learning experience…

Learning to drive in Locks Heath and around Fareham, gives a wonderful variety of places to be able to learn to drive and have your driving lessons, with a multitude of different roads, from quiet roads around Lee-on-the-Solent to more challenging roads around Fareham centre. Our aim is to give you the skills to be a safe driver for life, and therefore be more aware of your surroundings, and drive as you should do. Our driving school instructor’s are experienced & understanding people who know you maybe nervous getting in a car for the first time, but do not worry, we are at hand to help take you from a learner to a driver, in a calm and enjoyable way, by using a variety of teaching and learning styles suited to you, plus you will be included in the lesson setting achievable goals, so you never feel you have missed out. How many of your friends have said “My instructor just tells me what to do every lesson, when i would like to spend more time on roundabouts”  , we won’t do that, we include you in the lesson planning, so you get the most from your driving lessons.

Every learner driver learns in a unique way and it is our job to help you achieve your dream of that licence, giving you the freedom and independence.

The secret to passing your driving test first time…

is a combination of confidence, preparation and understanding what the driving examiner is going to be looking for. At Lendrums Driving School we teach you exactly that. So let’s start now and you will see the common sense in it all.

Too may people prepare to “Pass the Test”, but that is just a basic level of driving, our aim is to teach you a skill for life, and help you learn skills and techniques on your driving lessons which will benefit you way into your driving future, yes the test is a hurdle that must be passed, however the focus needs to be wider than this, so you are able to think for yourself, plan a journey, understand how to put things right when they don’t go as planned. We use a Client Centred Learning approach at the driving school , including you during your driving lessons, helping you to set achievable goals, aswell as for your driving instructor to teach you new topics, which will motivate you more to achieve tasks.

Once you have learned these styles, your confidence will be soaring and the Driving Test, will not seem as scary as everyone makes out, you will demonstrate confident driving to the examiner and ultimately pass with flying colours.

We offer “Free” online theory training to help you achieve a pass at your theory test, giving you all the skills and knowledge on your driving lessons.

About Lendrums Driving School…

Lendrums Driving School pride themselves for quality driving instruction, dedicating time to ensuring your learning in a safe environment and enjoying your learning experience. Many driving schools tell you what your going to be learning, and rarely include you in the process, however not with us, each driving lesson is tailored to include any area’s you would like to focus on during your learning, so don’t be afraid to ask your instructor.

As a professional Driving School in the Locks Heath & Fareham area we offer FREE online theory training to all Lendrums Driving School pupils, with unlimited theory questions, hazard clips and mock tests to help you, using Driving Test Success app, ask your driving instructor for more information.

Driving Lessons Locks Heath & Fareham: The Courses You Need

Every learner driver will develop their skills in a slightly different way to the next learner and you are no different, so please be aware the courses you are about to undertake are all designed to help you learn. It actually makes learning more fun, easier and quicker.

Beginner Driving Lessons

You need to get ready for this because you are about to change your life forever. no longer needing to catch the bus, cylcle or walk everywhere in all weathers, it totally opens up your world. Better education, better paid job work, new friends, weekends away, see family, road trips…

On your first driving lesson we will take you to a quiet area around Locks Heath & Fareham, free from traffic and free from well wishers standing outside your house waving you off…nothing like a bit of pressure from mum and dad lol.
And soon you will be driving, we will teach you the basics during your driving lessons and under our expert tuition keep you safe, you will be driving around the Locks Heath & Fareham area’s with a big grin on your face because you can do it and you can see your future unfolding in front of your eyes.

Part Trained Driving Lessons

For some reason or other you have some driving experience, perhaps with a different driving school in Locks Heath & Fareham or maybe with friends or family. But here you are wanting to finish the job off and knowing you don’t need to start from the beginning.

Our part trained driving lessons are exactly what you need. All you have to do is tell us about your experience, show us what you can do and let us take over from there. We will build on your skills and experience, polishing up the diamond that you are.

If you have already passed your theory test then we can look to book your practical test; this will depend on the date and the number of lessons you are going to need. Say for example you need another 20 hours or thereabouts, and the next test is 8 weeks away, that’s only 2 to 3 hours a week.  So if you can do those hours let’s get your test booked!

Driving Test Rescue

Its a nature of learning, and some people fail their driving test, however it isn’t due to the hard work and effort you have put in, it can be as simple as someone else not indicating, or you feel nervous and the nerves get the better of you.

We understand failing your driving test is not a nice feeling, but don’t despair, we re-group, pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, reviewing the sheet given to you, specifically looking at all the white area’s on the sheet, indicating where you did so well, I am sure there will be more good points than bad. Your driving instructor will review what happened and together sort an action plan to get you through next time.

The next time you take the test, take your driving instructor with you, this may help settle your nerves having a friendly face in the car.

Don’t worry though, we will show you where you have gone wrong, you will put that right and you will be in the best shape to pass your test.

Confidence Building

Not every learner driver is excited about jumping in the drivers’ seat, and don’t feel comfortable or relaxed about driving. We understand that driving is very personal and some people, learn to drive to get from A to B and not use driving to go out and about. Whatever your driving anxieties we can help you overcome them so you can get your driving licence.

Our team of driving instructor’s have all come across people with anxiety, dyslexia, dyspraxia and confidence issues, just have a quiet word with you driving instructor when you meet them or with the team when you call, and we will find a way that suits you. People with confidence can take longer, but there is no reason why you should not be like the millions out there with a licence!

Our instructors are great listeners, will always keep you safe and will never push you into things you do not feel ready for. In fact our way of teaching will help you feel good about driving and will motivate you to driving with confidence. Let us know how you learn best and that is where we begin.

Intensive Driving Lessons and the Beauty of Driving with Lendrum's Driving School

Driving Lessons in Locks Heath & Fareham

You have read how confident we are at helping you get your driving licence. We cater for all people with a UK provisional driving licence and we will be delighted to receive your phone call.
Get in contact today, and we will help you achieve your driving dream.

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