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Where do we cover ?…

Allington, Ashfield, Bevois Valley, Bassett, Bursledon, Bishopstoke, Bitterne Park, Boorley Green, Botley, Buttsash, Chandlers Ford, Chilworth, Dibden Pirlieu, Durley, Eastleigh, Fawley, Freemantle, Hammonds Green, Harefield, Hedge End, Highfield, Hightown, Horton Heath, Houndsdown, Hythe, Itchen, Lordshill, Lordswood, Mansbridge, Marchwood, Maybush, Merryoak, Midanbury, Millbrook, Moorgreen, Netley, Newtown, Northam, North Baddesley, North Stoneham, Nursling, Ocean Village, Ower, Portswood, Regents Park, Redbridge, Romsey, Rownhams, Rushington, Shirley, Shirley Warren, Sholing, Swanwick, Swaythling, St Denys, The Polygon, Townhill Park, Thornhill, Totton, West Totton, West End, Weston, West Wellow and Woolston, Lyndhurst and Lymington.

Student Pick up ?…

If you are a student at college or university, we can collect you during study breaks, returning you to your studies or to home after your lesson, plus we can collect from home and drive to college or university, once you have some experience on busier roads.

We pick up from Barton Peveril Sixth Form College, Eastleigh College, Itchen College, Solent University, Southampton University, City College, Totton College, Richard Taunton Sixth Form and  King Edward VI School, plus we offer students a discount on lessons.

How long have you been thinking about driving for?

We know exactly how you feel about standing waiting for a bus watching the cars go by and then you start to think how your friends can drive…sometimes driving can seem a million miles away, but today you are going to change all that by contacting Lendrums Driving School.

We know a few things about you already…

and that is going to help you pass your driving test. We know that you would love to pass first time, not just for the achievement, but also it’s going to save you a fair bit of cash in doing so. We think that it costs a learner around £200 each time they fail.

So how can you pass first time?

It’s all in the planning, and don’t worry we will take care of that for you. What you are going to do, is take part in a learning to drive syllabus, it is sometimes known as a progress report form and it charts your driving development. When you first try out a driving skill, let’s say a parallel park, it is marked on the syllabus as being introduced. Now when you can parallel park without the need of the instructor’s help, you are marked as independent.

When you go into your test you will be independent in all area’s of the syllabus, and because it is recorded, you can see with your own eyes how you are 100% prepared and therefore should be feeling confident.

Building your confidence…

as well as your preparation is very important, not just for passing your test but also for safer driving. After you have booked your test we will take you on mock tests, this is a driving test under test conditions. It is your opportunity to drive independently and to grow your confidence. All we want to show you is that you do not need us anymore.

The secret to passing your driving test first time…

is a combination of confidence, preparation and understanding what the driving examiner is going to be looking for. At Lendrums Driving School we teach you exactly that. So let’s start now and you will see the common sense in it all.

The driving examiner is going to ask you to drive and carry out some manoeuvres, throughout your time driving they are going to be looking for errors, but how do they assess those errors ? And this is the common sense and it is what we will be teaching you from your very first lesson with us. The driving examiner wants to know you are a safe driver, we are sure you have figured that out already, and they also want to see you are in total control of the car at all times, and finally aware of your surroundings.

You see it’s like this, you are allowed to make little mistakes you are only human and if you make a mistake then correct it. So for example you are asked to drive into a bay and you get it slightly wrong because your tyre is over the line, as long as you are safe, in control, aware of your surroundings and correct the mistake you won’t get failed for it.

However if the examiner thinks you are not aware of what is happening around your car, you are not in control and unsafe that’s where people fail. But because you will be 100% prepared from taking our leaning to drive syllabus this won’t need to happen, you will know how to drive and have the confidence to make correction if needed.

Driving Lessons Southampton: The Courses You Need

Every learner driver will develop their skills in a slightly different way to the next learner and you are no different, so please be aware the courses you are about to undertake are all designed to help you learn. It actually makes learning more fun, easier and quicker.

Beginner Lessons

You need to get ready for this because you are about to change your life forever. Passing your driving test isn’t just about no longer needing to catch the bus, it totally opens up your world. Better education, better paid job work, new friends, weekends away, see family, road trips…

On your first lesson we will take you to a quiet area, free from traffic and free from well wishers standing outside your house waving you off…nothing like a bit of pressure from mum and dad lol.
And soon you will be driving, we will teach you the basics and under our expert tuition keeping you safe, you will be driving around Southampton with a big grin on your face because you can do it and you can see your future unfolding in front of your eyes.

Part Trained Lessons

For some reason or other you have some driving experience, perhaps with a different driving school in Southampton or maybe with friends or family. But here you are wanting to finish the job off and knowing you don’t need to start from the beginning.

Our part trained lessons are exactly what you need. All you have to do is tell us about your experience, show us what you can do and let us take over from there. We will build on your skills and experience, polishing up the diamond that you are.

If you have already passed your theory test then we can look to book your practical test; this will depend on the date and the number of lessons you are going to need. Say for example you need another 20 hours or thereabouts, and the next test is 8 weeks away, that’s only 2 to 3 hours a week.  So if you can do those hours let’s get your test booked!

Driving Test Rescue

Yes we know how failing feels because lots of learner drivers have come to our driving school for help. It is not just the money, which we think costs you around £200 per time (that’s the cost of the next test and lessons) but it is also how you feel. Telling your friends and family you failed isn’t the best feeling in the world.

However it is not your fault you have been failing. Some people do fail once, but to fail 3, 4 times or more is due to a lack of preparation and confidence…and that is down to your last instructor letting you “have a go” when they should have held you back.

Don’t worry though, we will show you where you have gone wrong, you will put that right and you will be in the best shape to pass your test.

Confidence Building

Not every learner driver is excited about jumping in the drivers’ seat, and we have a special course to help you feel comfortable and to take control. Whatever your driving anxieties we can help you overcome them so you can get your driving licence.

Our instructors are great listeners, will always keep you safe and will never push you into things you do not feel ready for. In fact our way of teaching will help you feel good about driving and will motivate you to driving with confidence.

Intensive Driving and the Beauty of Driving with Lendrum's Driving School

Driving Lessons in Southampton

You have read how confident we are at helping you get your driving licence. We cater for all people with a UK provisional driving licence and we will be delighted to receive your phone call.
Get in contact today, and we will help you achieve your driving dream.

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