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Driving Lessons Waterlooville

Time to start your journey to getting your driving licence, and you have made the right choice choosing Lendrums Driving School. From the moment you contact us with your enquiry, all the way to your driving test, we are here every step of the journey, providing you with all the information you need to start your driving lessons in Waterlooville.

Your driving lessons will be taken by one of our friendly and professional driving instructor’s, who will build a strong professional relationship with you, helping you learn all the skills you require to have a skill for life, plus building your confidence at a level you can handle.

FREE online theory & hazard perception training is provided to you, with a 95% first time pass at the theory test, allowing you then to concentrate on working towards the ultimate goal, the driving test.

Lendrums Driving School were finalists in the 2019 Intelligent Instructor Awards and Investors in People, plus being voted Best Driving School for the last 4 years, so click the “Contact us” button above, and start your journey now.​


Why Choose Lendrums Driving School Waterlooville .....


What do we offer……….

  • FREE online Theory & Hazard Perception training
  • Manual or Automatic driving lessons
  • Flexible pick up and drop off
  • DISCOUNTS for NHS and Students
  • Flexible lessons 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons and intensive courses
  • Professional and Friendly driving instructors with high pass rates
  • Confidence or Refresher lessons
  • Daytime, Evening and Weekend availability
  • High quality teaching vehicles with He-Man dual controls
  • Career change ? Driving instructor training and Advanced driving courses leading to a qualification with Diamond, ROSPA or IAM

Female Driving Lessons Waterlooville

Lendrums Driving School are very fortunate to have a diverse professional team of driving instructors, therefore able to cater for everyone’s requirements. We understand that many people prefer to be taught by a female instructor, in some cases due to ethnic backgrounds and religion, or just because they feel more relaxed and comfortable with a female driving instructor, whichever your reason, we can help you.

It is important from the outset to feel relaxed and comfortable with your instructor, as there is a lot of information and learning to take place, and never good if you feel stressed or anxious. Call us and talk to us about what we can do for you.

Female driving instructors are in demand and we are very lucky to have a fantastic team including, Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Helen, Lisa, Nikki, Sana and Refat.

On the DVSA register of driving instructors, female driving instructors only take up 15% of the 37500 across the UK and Northern Ireland.


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Automatic Driving Lessons Waterlooville

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Automatic driving lessons over the last 5 years have become so popular, for every 10 manual driving lessons there are now 7 taking automatic driving lessons in Waterlooville, WHY ?  easy,  there is no clutch, no stalling and no rolling back, taking a very large amount of the stress and anxiety out of learning whilst on our road network. Ever sat at a roundabout or on a hill, worrying that your going to stall or roll back and hold traffic up, sound familiar ? not in an automatic car, you come off the brake, press the gas and away you go, so no hesitation or worry. Many clients have struggled with manual driving and turned to automatic, why do you need stress in your life !!! read our blogpost on automatic v manual driving lessons by clicking this link.

Technology is evolving quicker than the world can spin, plus driving technology is improving hugely. If you went back 20 years automatic cars were not very good, very thirsty on fuel and broke down a lot, however spring forwards to the last 10 years and huge changes have happened.  Many automatic cars are better on fuel than manual cars, they do not breakdown, they are stylish and sleek and the price is comparable, in many cases cheaper to run as many insurance companies charge less for insuring automatic cars, as they are less attractive to thieves.

Read what Sophie one of our clients thought about changing to automatic lessons, after her friends said “learning to drive in an automatic is cheating” , she didn’t think so. Driving is 95% thought based ie ‘thinking’ and only 5% from physical effort, so it doesn’t matter what you drive, the ‘thinking’ is the main part. Click this link.

Electric cars and Hybrid vehicles are all the rage now, you will have seen them on the road and in many cases not really heard them, due to their very quiet engines, with less emissions to damage our precious world and environment. In 15 years these will be the only vehicles available to buy, to help protect our planet and lets face it we are all being green friendly. These vehicles are only available in automatic, so it would seem the time to learn in one. At Lendrums we are lucky to have some of the top cars, including electric and hybrid.

Advanced Driving Lessons Waterlooville

Do you want to be a better driver, be better than the rest, have a skill to be proud of and boast about, plus being a highly skilled and competent drivers on the roads of the UK ? then read more, as we have the course just for you.

Each of our courses, trains you the skills to drive like a professional, most think advanced driving is driving as fast as you can like a racing driver, well it shows you skills to drive at high speed safely and how to control the car, but more importantly it improves your car handling skills, gear management, sensitivity and balance of the vehicle, advanced awareness and good planning and overall safety.

Your course will start with a 2 hour driving assessment with one of our Advanced Driving Instructor’s, and then your instructor will take you through each skill needed, with a full debrief of your performance at the end of the session, that allows you to practice between sessions. Each lesson is between 90 minutes and 2 hours and you will need to put in a further 5 hours private practice between lessons, as it is not easy to be a top driver.

What are the Benefits ?

  • Membership to Diamond, ROSPA or IAM
  • Be one of the most skilled drivers in the UK
  • Save money on car insurance
  • Save money on fuel and repairs
  • Become a more skilled and confident driver
  • Accredited and quality checked by the DVSA

Click the link to read more information, including how to book.

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Driving Instructor Franchise Waterlooville

Are you a driving instructor wanting to change companies ? or struggling to fill your diary ? we have a stressfree and successful franchise for you.

Lendrums Driving School believe in a franchise that works for the driving instructor and not the other way around, at a cost that where you make the money, with no lengthly binding contracts, whilst feeling you are in control and your own boss.

Benefits of a Lendrums Franchise……

  • Voted Best driving school for past 4 years
  • Finalist at The Independent Instructor Awards and Investors in People
  • Affordable weekly franchise
  • 1 month rolling franchise agreement
  • Roofbox franchise (car graphics available at our cost if you want them, not compulsory)
  • FREE training and standards check training
  • ORDIT registered driving school
  • Regular driving instructor socials
  • 2 weeks Franchise free at Christmas and New Year
  • No franchise Fee until we supply you with 10 pupils
  • We work with you to supply work around your requirements

Sound good to you ? call us and arrange a no obligation meeting, make the change to a brighter and busier diary. We will offer you the option to talk to other instructors with Lendrums Driving School, so you dont have to take our word for it.

Driving Instructor Training Waterlooville

Driving Lessons Portchester - Cosham - Hambledon - Horndean - Petersfield & Port Solent

Driving Lessons nearby:

We also offer driving lessons nearby covering Portchester, Cosham, Hambledon, Horndean , Petersfield & Port Solent.

Waterlooville is a historic market town dating back to 1815, and is part of the South Downs network, which is 260 square miles of stunning grass and chalk landscapes, where many a hiker, cyclists, runner and horse rider venture every year, to take in the breathtaking views.

Waterlooville is a great place to learn to drive, with its vast and diverse road networks, allowing you to start taking driving lessons in a quiet area, and then developing stage by stage as your confidence and ability grow, to more technical driving situations in the local town, where you will navigate many roundabouts, cross roads and traffic light situations, making you an all-round driver, plus the advantage of being connected to the A3 and M27 motorways, helping you build your driving skills, therefore making you a very competent driver for the day you pass your driving test, and gain your freedom and independence.

Remember once you have passed your driving test, it does not end there, it is just the beginning of a life skill, and Lendrums Driving School Waterlooville will be at hand to continue your journey, offering advanced driving lessons which can reduce your car insurance, whilst training you to be a skilful and very competent driver.



Lendrum's Driving School


Driving Lessons Waterlooville will work around your schedule, with flexible pick up & drop off’s making it easier for you to take your lessons. The driving instructor’s are friendly and professional with the added extra customer service of offering FREE theory training to all customers. NHS & Student discounts are available. Call or email today for more information and start your journey to getting your driving licence.



Our Accreditations

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Gift Vouchers Available

We offer Gift Vouchers for all our lesson types. For more information and to purchase, get in touch!