Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons ?

By John Lendrum - January 14th, 2015 | Posted in Article

Below we will discuss and list the Advantages and disadvantages of driving both of the above. There is a perception and stigma with Automatic driving, however whether driving manual or automatic, driving is driving and still requires the same amount of skills, the only difference being Manual you have gears and a clutch, where an Automatic you have a Accelerator and Brake and the car decides which appropriate gear for you.

If you qualify in a Manual car you can drive a Automatic also, whereas in an Automatic you can only drive an automatic. Lets face it in most other countries outside the UK, the majority of drivers have Automatic vehicles.

Advantage of an Automatic vehicle:

It is proven that learning to drive an Automatic vehicle is much easier than a Manual vehicle as you only have to think Go or Slow and the gearing is done by the car, this will also lead to a move smooth drive.

If you need to learn quickly due to a job or just want to get on the road, automatic is the way forwards, as is proven takes in some cases half the time and therefore half the cost than learning in a manual vehicle. Remember if you pass in an Automatic, you can always come back and do Manual another time in the future, however most people do not as they feel very comfortable in the Automatic vehicles, as less stress.

The general control of the car is easier to handle with more time with the hands on the steering wheel.

Are Automatic Driving Lessons more expensive

In most cases as with most companies due to passing in shorter time and also fuel use is a little higher, most driving schools charge more, however at Lendrums we do not believe in taking more money so our lessons are the same price regardless, therefore making us one of the cheaper companies for Automatic lessons.

Advantage of a Manual car

If you decide to drive a manual, it is true that to purchase a manual vehicle is cheaper to purchase after you pass your test. An automatic vehicle is more complex when it is built and therefore is slightly more expensive.

If your looking for speed and control from the vehicle engine then Manual is the best choice as you can drop gears for more power and grip. Also in wintery conditions Manual vehicles are better as you can select a lower gear giving less power to the wheels therefore giving more grip, whereas an Automatic vehicle is more likely to slide, unless you have winter tyres. This is especially a consideration if you live in an area subject to wintery conditions.

How does fuel compare ?

On average Manual vehicles use less fuel, this is not always the case however with vehicles being more efficient it is not as noticeable as it would have been 10 years ago, as most vehicles are now fitted with Cruise Control and Start/Stop technology or dual fuel cells.

If your driving a Diesel you will get more miles for your money than a Petrol.


In conclusion which should you choose ? it is very much your choice and what you want or need. Ask yourself a simple question How much do you want to spend on lessons, howl long do you want to learn for ? how quickly do you want a licence ? these will help you choose.

A stigma has always been attached to Automatic saying “If you drive a Automatic its not real”, that’s not true its what is best for YOU and nobody else. If in doubt find a driving school like Lendrums who have both available and try them both out, then make your choice, that way you cant go wrong.

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