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There are many different driving schools in Winchester that you can to choose from and here at Lendrums we think you may like a bit of advice on how to find the right driving school. Yes, of course we would be delighted to take your phone call and to help you pass your driving test, but we feel that all driving schools just sell themselves without offering any decent online support, so here we go…

Driving Schools in Winchester - Questions to ask

Most people whether it is learner drivers or maybe the parents of a learner driver don’t really know what questions they ought to be asking when phoning a driving school. You want to discover if the driving school is going to be right for you and after you have asked your questions you rely on gut instinct.

The questions you would typically ask are with regards to price, location, pass rate and type of car, but do those questions really support your need to finding out if the driving school is going to be your best option? Here are a few extra questions that we suggest asking…

What is the driving instructors experience and training history?

Once a driving instructor gets their licence and are able to earn money for teaching people to drive, their education should not stop there. It is, in fact, just the entry point. So when you make your phone call ask what type of extra training has been taken and ask how that has improved their teachng skills. While price is important, cheap driving lessons backed up with a cheap level of service is not what you are looking for.

How can I keep my lessons to a minimum?

When you learn to drive it is better to have money in your bank already rather than save up week to week. In our opinion, learner drivers who take just one hour a week or perhaps miss weeks whilst learning end up taking at many as ten extra hours, if not more, to pass their driving test. So you must ask the driving instructor “how can I keep my lessons to a minimum?” Their reply should be on the lines of passing the theory test within the first few weeks of starting to drive and taking at least 2 hours of lessons a week. Ideally you will have 2 lessons a week consisting of 2 hours at a time.

The thinking behind this is very practical and easy to understand…

Assume you take one hour a week and the next week you get into the instructor’s car and you will need a 15 minute recap (at least) because a lot of information will have been forgotten because the training has stopped for 7 days.

The DVSA are the government agency behind all things driving and they have said it takes on average 47 hours of professional tuition plus 20 hours of practice with friends and family to pass the driving test. Therefore, if for every one hour weekly lesson you require a 15 minute recap, every 4 hours equals one lost hour, and 47 hours adds up to paying an extra 12 hours you didn’t need to pay for.

If you are able to take 2 lessons a week at 2 hours a time you can save a lot of money, around £300, furthermore you will not need to take private practice and that can save you another £400; to insure a learner driver on a car for 12 weeks (3 months) is not cheap. At £25 a week for insurance and just £5 a week for fuel, not to mention wear and tear, especially on the brakes and clutch, it is expensive.

Many people will ask how long it will take to pass the driving test and the above demonstrates that if you sensibly condense your learning you can vastly reduce the time and cost.

What lessons are available once I've passed my driving test?

Ask what lessons are available after the driving test. A top school will understand that passing the driving test is just the first stepping stone. Now it is up to you if you want to learn more, no one is telling you to do so, but a good school will have additional courses you can take. These will include but not limited to, motorway lessons, Pass Plus, defensive driving and other advanced driving strategies.

If a school offers these courses you can be confident they are specialists in the field of driver training.

How to save as much as £1,000 on learning to drive in Winchester

If you are looking for cheap driving lessons in Winchester you will already have figured out that you can save around £700 using our advice above, and now we will show you how to turn that into a £1000 saving.

It’s all to do with passing your driving test at the very first attempt. Now if you fail, don’t worry, you can have another go and 50% of tests do end in a failure. However, we are going to demonstrate what you need to do and how we are going to help you pass first time.

The key to impressing the driving examiner and for them to congratulate you is right from your very first driving lesson, this is where we are going to teach you the principles of passing your driving test


To pass your driving test you must demonstrate you are a safe driver and you can describe what it is to be safe by the following 4 points.

  1. Following the Highway Code
  2. Having the attitude of a safe driver
  3. The ability to spot hazards
  4. Being in control of your car

So it makes sense that right from the very first driving lesson you adopt these principles of safe driving into everything you are going to learn. That way, when you go to the driving test and once you have passed it, you automatically drive in safe style.

Failing your driving test will cost you in the region of £300, that’s for extra lessons and a new test. So it is important you are prepared, this is how we measure your preparation.

  1. You have completed your progress report card
  2. You have passed a mock driving test
  3. You are driving without the assistance of your instructor

Not only will you be prepared but you have every right to be confident. Now you are in a position to pass your driving test and to be a safe driver once driving by yourself.

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