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Should Drug Driving be ruled same as Drink Driving ?

By John Lendrum - February 9th, 2015 | Posted in Article

New Drugs tests at the Roadside Introduced

During 2015 there will be new drugs tests introduced for tests at the roadside in England and Wales, to try and combat the ever growing Drug Driving habits. When a vehicle is pulled over by the Police from now on a driver will not know whether they will be tested for drugs, breathalysed or maybe even both.

The new “Drugalyser” which is also known as a “Drugwipe” has been approved by the government, which will mean a sample of saliva taken immediately for cannabis or cocaine. The so called Legal Highs are not detectable as yet, but equipment still being developed to take these checks.

Under the current law the Police have to arrest suspects before taking a blood test which is both costly and time consuming, keeping officers away from their duties, and this has also got to be taken by a medical professional.

The Drugalyser will mean quicker and easier testing and less red tape to cut through. The equipment will support the offence of driving whilst under influence of drugs and rolled out in March 2015. If test positive will be similar to the drink driving ban with a minimum of a 12 month ban, a fine of up to £5000 and 6 months in prison.

Eight illegal drugs set at low limits hope to set a bar over people and tackle the ever increasing drugs use on the roads.

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